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Jost Van Dyke, BVI
4 Rms, 12 Guests
Jost Van Dyke, BVI
4 Rms, 12 Guests
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Who are we?

Glass House BVI is known for its panoramic ocean views overlooking Jost Van Dykes most exclusive spot, White Bay. Enjoy the views from inside the Glass House, its large patios or the surreal infinity pool. The Villa is one of the few luxury rental house options in White Bay. Glass House BVI is a 4 bedroom, 4 and a half bathroom house.

What is White Bay?
White Bay is one of the Caribbeans hidden gems, with crystal clear water and white sand on the edge of a volcanic island. White Bay is located on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Conde Nast named White Bay one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. We think it is the most beautiful.
Jost Van Dyke Bars to visit

Jost Van Dyke is famous for its laid back beach bars. Here is a list of our favorites.

Drinking laws in the BVI

The legal age to drink or purchase alcohol in the British Virgin Islands is 18. Alcoholic beverages are sold on any day of the week, including Sunday. You can legally drink alcohol on the beach, but you will be fined if caught littering.

Please drink responsibly and refrain from jumping out of palm trees while intoxicated!

Restaurants on Jost Van Dyke near White Bay

Jost Van Dyke has numerous little “worry-free” restaurants on the beach. Here is a list of our recommended restaurants near White Bay.

What is the weather like?

Endless Summer days is what we like to boast.

December-February  sunny skies, ocean breezes and very little rain

Temps –  High 82°F ( 28°C) Low 70°F (21°C)

March-August divine weather, little rain, some summer showers 

Temps –  High 88°F ( 31°C) Low 72°F (21°C)

September-November mostly Sunny, some tropical storms

Average Temps –  High 86°F ( 30°C) Low 74°F (24°C)

What currency is accepted in BVI

The official currency in the British Virgin Islands is the United States dollar.

Soggy Dollar Live Webcam

Watch a live BVI webcam from the Soggy Dollar webcam


Scuba or snorkeling BVI

There is a dive operation on JVD! Call or email Captain Colin for more information.

They specialize in: Eco-tours, snorkeling tours, island tours, sport fishing, diving (there are now 40 dive sites!), and dinghy rentals.

If you are going in the winter season, BOOK EARLY.

Website:                www.bvi-ecotours.com

Office:                    284-495-0271

Cell:                        284-540-2222

Email:                     [email protected] and [email protected]

Getting to Jost Van Dyke from the airport

Once at the airport you can get to Jost Van Dyke via Ferries and land taxies or on water taxis and private boats. Below each option is explained for you to choose. 

Ferries and Land Taxis

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

The Charlotte Amalie ferry dock is 10 minutes from the airport, and taxis are always going to the dock. When you get in the taxi, make sure they know to drop you off first. If you are pressed for time you may need to hire a private taxi. If you can wait about 10–15 minutes, you can ride with other passengers and pay approximately $9/pp.

From Charlotte Amalie, you will take a ferry to West End Tortola (a 45-minute ride). Please make sure the ferry company knows your destination is West End Tortola, not Road Town. Ferries leave at various times. The last ferry leaves at approximately 4:00/4:30, however, times vary from week to week and season to season. Best to call ahead or check online to verify times. The cost for the ferry is $30/pp one-way (You may want to buy a one-way ticket in case you take another ferry service on your return trip).

Once on Tortola, you will go through customs and then go to the dock for the Jost Van Dyke ferry called New Horizons Ferry – Paradise Express. Call to discuss which departure time will work best for you as schedules vary throughout the year. Cost for round trip is $15/pp. If your ferry from Charlotte Amalie does not look like it will arrive in time for you to catch the ferry, tell the ferry captain and he will call ahead to the JVD captain so they will hold the boat for you. The ride to JVD is about 20 minutes. The cost is approximately $15/pp one-way or $25/pp round trip.

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Ferries

Native Son: (340) 774-8685 www.nativesonferry.com

Smith’s Ferry (Tortola Fast Ferry): (340) 775-7292 www.smithsferry.com

New Horizons Ferry – Paradise Express: Phone:   284-495-9278

Red Hook, St. Thomas

Ferries depart out of the east end of St. Thomas in Red Hook. The taxi ride is about 30 minutes, but can be up to 1½ hours in traffic. If you are pressed for time and need a private taxi, the cost may range from $75 to $90. We have had great success with Chris at 340-690-1581 and Ira Moses, his cell # is 340-642-7112 or home # 340-775-6389. If you ride with other passengers the cost will be approximately $20/pp.

There is a direct ferry that runs during busy season leaving Red Hook at 8:00am and 2:00pm. They will make a stop in St. John and then go directly to JVD. The ferry cost is approximately $50 roundtrip.

Red Hook, St.Thomas Ferries

Native Son: (340) 775-3111

Direct Ferry: (340) 776-6597


Beef Island, Tortola

When you arrive in Tortola, you will go through BVI customs and then catch a taxi to West End Ferry dock

(about a 45-minute ride). There will be taxis available at the airport. The rates are 2-3 people $40. If 3 or more, it is $15/pp. If time permits, you can have the taxi stop in Roadtown to do some grocery shopping, they may charge extra to wait for you.

Once you are at West End, you can take the New Horizons Paradise Express Ferry to Jost Van Dyke

leaving from West End at 8:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm or 6:00pm or a pre-arranged private water

taxi. (Weekend mornings the first ferry leaves West End at 9:00am)

New Horizons Ferry – Paradise Express: (284) 495-9278

Water Taxis and Private Boats to JVD

Listed below are several water taxi services and private boat captains available to get you to and from JVD.

In St. Thomas, water transportation is available out of Red Hook. In Tortola, water transportation is available from West End. Make a reservation in advance and re-confirm your reservation 1 week prior to your arrival.

The captains will need your passport information for customs 48 hours prior to your arrival.

Make sure you know exactly where to meet the boat (in Red Hook most boats will leave off the dock by American Yacht Harbor behind the Burrito Bay Deli. In Tortola, most boats will leave from Jolly Roger Dock, just down from main ferry dock. You will see the Jolly Roger as you arrive at the West End ferry dock.)

Prices range from

$250 – $375 from Red Hook to JVD

$100-$200 from West End to JVD



Bunn and Franky Chinnery (located in JVD) – Bunn and Franky are father and son, and live on Jost Van Dyke. They have both water and land taxi services available. If you arrive too late for customs, they can arrange for you to be checked in the next morning.

Bunn                       284-543-3695

Franky                    284 442-4651.

Email address       [email protected]


George Winter – Call or email George for prompt fantastic service by taxi or boat.

Cell:                        284-499-2656.

Email:                     [email protected]


Uncle Wendell’s Sport Fishing and Charter Boat Services (located on JVD) – UncleWendell is a Jost Van Dyke native who lives and works on the island. Please call him directly to get a quote. If your arrival onto JVD is after 4pm, Uncle Wendell can arrange for you to be checked in the next morning at Jost Van Dyke customs.

Home Phone:       284-495-9841

Cell:                        284-544-2541


Dohm’s Water Taxi Service (located in St. Thomas) – Last run to JVD is at 3:45pm. You must land by 3pm. If you land from 3:00pm to 4:30pm, you will stop in at Tortola first, then JVD. If going to Tortola first, an extra $25 per boat fee is charged. If your plane will land after 4:30pm, give proper notification to the water taxi company. This way, you’ll be able to check-in at customs at 7pm in Tortola. If you need a land taxi let the water taxi service know, so they can arrange a taxi to pick you up at the airport. They will charge $75 minimum and $15/pp over 5 people to travel from the airport to Red Hook.

Phone number:    340-775-6501

Email:                     [email protected]

Website:                www.watertaxivi.com


Captain Colin – Jost Van Dyke Scuba (located in JVD) – Captain Colin has several boats

and a competent staff available for all hours of arrivals and departures. He can arrange for

you to be checked in the next morning if you arrive too late for customs. Call or email for


Office:                    284-495-0271

Cell:                        284-540-2222

Email:                     [email protected] and [email protected]

Website:                www.bvi-ecotours.com

Getting to Glass House BVI once on Jost Van Dyke

Land Taxis

When you arrive on Jost Van Dyke there are usually taxis waiting at the ferry dock. You can call ahead

for a taxi while you are waiting for the ferry in St. Thomas or Tortola. They usually charge $5/pp to take

you to the house. If you should arrive and there aren’t any taxis, call any taxi in the included helpful

numbers at the end of this information. If you don’t have cell service, make the short walk to the Great Harbor restaurants and shops where you can make a call from one of the establishments to reserve a taxi. (This area is clearly visible from the JVD ferry dock, but please ask someone should you have questions!)


Car Rentals


Paradise Jeep Rentals – We recommend contacting them well in advance of your trip, especially during the high season. They provide exceptional service. They will bring your vehicle to the ferry dock to meet you upon your arrival. You will then go back to their office, fill out some paperwork, and be on your way. Their prices are: $75/day for newer vehicles, $65/day for 4 door older vehicles, $60/day for 2 door older vehicles. All vehicles have 4-wheel drive. JVD is a very hilly island on which 4-wheel drive vehicles are best. Now that there is a road that connects the eastern and western ends of the island, and goes across the top of the ridge of JVD, there are some spectacular views and exploring to do during your visit there.

Phone: (284) 495-9477

Hurricane Policy

In the event that the National Hurricane Center confirms that Jost Van Dyke, BVI is threatened by hurricane and guest is scheduled to arrive during this time, you may call to reschedule your stay for a later date. Cancellations/Refunds are not permitted for any circumstance. The purchase of Trip Insurance is recommended to all guests.

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