Looking for a new luxury alternative to Jost Van Dyke hotels and current vacation homes?

Glass House BVI is the new place to stay on Jost Van Dyke BVI. New to White bay Glass House BVI has begun accepting reservations for its opening in January 2018. Glass House BVI is going to bring a modern and upscale vacation option to current Jost Van dyke hotels and vacation villas.

Like the name “Glass House” alludes to you can expect to wake up to panoramic views of White Bay BVI. The whole front of the house will be Glass. The only option, when you have stunning views of white bay! The glass front will lend to, a very modern and upscale premise.

How will Glass house BVI differ from other Jost Van Dyke hotels and Vacation Villas?

To get the most out of the view, Glass House BVI will have a private  infinity pool that will majestically appear to flow into White bay. Spend your day longing around the pool, on a floaty or walk down and jump into the ocean, right in front of your front door! Luxury and private options that hotels cannot provide.  A one of a kind personalize luxury villa that stands apart when compared to Jost Van Dyke Hotels and BVI vacation homes.


Building Progress – The front of the house and the edge of the infinity pool.

Where will Glass House BVI be located?

Glass house BVI is located on White bay. It is next to Escape BVI and Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. The recent image below is a birds eye view of Glass House BVI and the Surrounding properties! – Courtesy of Island Boy Photography. Excuse the contruction, but you can see exactly how Glass House BVI is fitting in. The trees in front will be thinned out providing easy beach front access. Can’t wait to be there and share it with you! – Reserve you spot today!

island boy photography