Things that you totally should do. And that we really enjoy when I’m down there. I’m your host Jeremy Delk.

A hundred percent, you’ve got to see The Baths first time to the British Virgin Islands. The Baths is absolute Marvel. So plan a trip out there. David from Foxy can take you. Or we use Dana on, Take It Easy Two, which is a great big sun seeker. And they make a really great day for you and an afternoon with cocktails and music. And what have you, so talk to your booking coordinator and they can put you in touch with those those folks. My good friend, Gumption at, Gumption’s Learning Adventures he’s on towards Tola, but he can get you access and do a tour of Sir Richard’s island, Necker, which is a great experience playing with lemurs and petting.

It’s kind of hard to get into that, so you need to book that very early. Get with your booking coordinator and I can help try and facilitate that for you. If you like sushi, on Thursday night, if you’re a sushi fan, you have to book early and book before you go to make your reservations at Hindus for their sushi night, but it cannot be missed. I just ordered. I’ve got 10 people, I order sushi for 10. It’s always more than enough and it’s absolute great meal for lunch. We usually hang down at Hindus, Soggy, and like to kind of go down to Suddies peace and love bar to have a really kind of cool island vibe. It’s very nice. That’s kind of our hang out spots for a lot of days, especially if you’ve been down there and you’re taking people. That’s the heavy season of White Bay. Nicely, our house is down on the quiet end of White Bay. So you’ve got IVANS, which is directly beside us and our, our neighbor who we absolutely love Darlene and Charlene and the whole crew at IVANS. So walk over there, be a patron to them and grab some drinks. And of course you have the sandbar where you can have a chill day on the beach by yourself. As a family just enjoying the ocean kind of crashing through the bubbly pools and Foxie’s Taboo. On the other side of the island, take a quick cab right over there. It’s absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Foxie’s is famous barbecue. Stay away from the Foxy Firewater rum. It’ll get ya. Great restaurants in Grand Harbor, Vinny at Corsairs great restaurant, really, really good food.

And definitely you want to check that out. On Norman island if you do want to get dropped off on Norman island, and then you can kind of go out to where the Willy T is and see the new Willie T. That’s a great time. If you, if you like to dive. JVD scuba and our friend Colin over there in Great Harbor can show you out. He took me diving for my very first time. Absolutely loved it. Told him not to kill me and he didn’t. So I came back. So whether you’re an expert diver and you’ve got ratings, or you’re a beginner diver, it’s a great experience. He’ll take really good care of you. I would definitely encourage you to try and book something like that as well.

Anything special that you’re trying to coordinate? Let us know. Leon from Island Boy Photography does phenomenal family photos. If you’re doing a wedding or a special event, anything we can do to make it special, let us know. We want you to come and have a great time, whether it’s your first time with us or your 10th time with us. We want to make sure you have a great experience. We also get a question “do you rent a car”? I’ve been down there. I don’t know, 30, 40, 50 times. I’ve rented a car one time, my entire life. And I drove it twice the entire week I was there. So I don’t think you need to rent a car. Use cabs, taxis. You’re going to be drinking, probably enjoying yourself, have a good time. It’s not necessarily worth it. Cab will get you most places anywhere.

But if you do, there are rental cars and Jeeps on the island and it’s a cool sign. Maybe you rent one for the day just to kind of explore, but you definitely do not need to rent a car for an entire week, in my opinion. So hopefully that was a lot of information and hopefully answer a lot of your questions. Call, message, chat, our booking coordinator. If you have anything in the interim, there’s a ton to do down in BVI, I would encourage you. You can’t do it all. So just come back again. We really try to be as active at social media as we can. And we love seeing pictures of the house, people having a great time and enjoying themselves. Share photos, videos, tag us, #GlasshouseBVI, tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

We’d love to see those videos. We do award whether we have great videos or coolest, interesting videos. You may find yourself with 10 painkillers waiting for you at Soggy Dollar. Referrals, anyone that comes through and say, “Hey, come back and re rebook”. Or if you rebook before, we will always try and take care of you and give you some sort of discount or referral or 10% off your next booking or something like that. Share the news. Keep coming to the islands, hang out the bars, you know, be a patron, come back and enjoy paradise with us as many times as you can. And yeah, thanks again for choosing Glasshouse. And if there’s anything we need to make your stay better, you let us know.